Occupational Health, Safety and Environment

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Suzlon's HSE (Occupational Health, Safety and Environment) is a global initiative that establishes a company-wide practice of setting up and maintaining the highest HSE standards with a dedicated approach and organisational commitment. Suzlon's HSE initiatives are intended to keep its employees safe while ensuring that its customers, suppliers, and contractors are assured of their projects being completed as planned and with a clear focus on attaining HSE excellence.

Suzlon ceaselessly works with its employees to comply with all applicable laws and as per industry standards. Suzlon believes the alignment of its people, decisions, innovations, and process improvements will enable the organisation to overcome the process obstacles and address the dependencies to reach the desired state.

Suzlon's HSE initiative helps the customer be part of a project embracing environment, health, and safety culture, which renders less regulatory hassles as all the regulations are followed. Furthermore, the HSE initiative ensures that the safety of the environment and the people working on the project is given utmost importance. Toward this objective, Suzlon has deployed an HSE management strategy.

All the stakeholders, including employees and customers, are assured of complete adherence to the industry standards and safety regulations, thus laying the foundation for a successful and accident-free project. The HSE management strategy works towards the attainment of the organization's vision to assure the complete safety of its various stakeholders without compromising on its sustainability principles.

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Vision & Mission


Suzlon is committed to achieving zero harm to employees, the environment, contractors, communities, and property and demonstrates sustainable leadership for effective and enhanced occupational health, safety, and environment practices. This is achieved by integrating stakeholder and employee participation & consultation to implement HSE initiatives.


Effectively and efficiently leverage the leadership, commitment, and stakeholder involvement in executing Suzlon's HSE Objectives and goals.

  • Improve HSE leadership capability.
  • Initiate employee-driven HSE initiatives.
  • Integrate HSE performance measures and goals
  • Ensure 100% compliance with all legal and other requirements

Suzlon's HSE strategy considers the need for an integrated approach that includes strategic collaboration with the management commitment and stakeholder involvement to achieve its 'One Suzlon, One HSE goal.' To attain the HSE goals, Suzlon has formulated values that translate into better communication of All matters relating to HSE, besides adding value to the business processes by adopting safe and environmentally sound practices.



HSE values are derived from the values of Suzlon and are an integral part of the HSE philosophy.


Implementing communication on all matters related to occupational health, human safety, and the environment is done swiftly to address deficiencies and aim for HSE excellence.


Apply creativity and innovation in establishing effective and efficient HSE practices.

Value addition

Value addition to the business process by adopting safe and environmentally sound practices that improve the productivity of the implemented energy solutions..


Infuse the HSE values through the work culture to become a part of Suzlon's long-term success. In essence, it is about living the HSE values constantly.


Aim to abide by HSE governance policies while performing all activities in the letter and spirit of applicable HSE laws and regulations to promote a clean, safe and healthy work environment.