Multi Brand O&M Services

Many wind farm owners and organizations have installed wind turbines manufactured by different OEMs. These wind turbines require regular maintenance and repairs during the entire lifetime. The Annual Maintenance Charges for these multi-make turbines with various OEMs are expensive and varying. Tracking the same with different service providers is time-consuming and exhaustive. The maintenance and repairs undertaken by a single service provider are always beneficial in terms of cost-effectiveness and getting the best performance from the turbines in the long run.

Suzlon is one of the world's leading manufacturer of wind turbines and service providers that carry the hallmark of reliability and sustainability with over twenty-seven years of operational track record.

Suzlon Services is the largest service provider of Operation & Maintenance (O&M) in the Indian wind energy sector, with ~14.5 GW under their custody with over twenty-eight years of experience and expertise.

Suzlon has more than 2.5 million cumulative hours of servicing experience in wind turbines. With the necessary competence to service, a diversified portfolio — ranging from a 225 kW plant to a 3,000 kW and support from 3,500+ people worldwide, employed in monitoring the wind turbines to ensure that they run effectively and efficiently. In addition, Suzlon has a network of repair centers and a strong technical/ operational engineering team to handle multiple types of technical challenges emerging during the lifecycle of the wind turbines. This makes Suzlon best suited and firmly positioned to address the unmet need for multi-make wind turbine O&M services.

Under Multi Brand service, Suzlon, as a single service provider, offers maintenance, repairs, and technical support to the wind farm owners with a large and diverse fleet of multi-make wind turbines under one roof. As a result, Suzlon is a one-stop solution for wind turbine maintenance manufactured by different OEMs.

Suzlon O&M team provides comprehensive or semi and non-comprehensive O&M contracts to customers with turbines of various brands.

  • Comprehensive Service
    Under the Comprehensive Service, Suzlon offers the end-to-end OMS that includes scheduling and maintenance of the multi-make WTGs.
  • Semi or Non-Comprehensive Service
    The semi-comprehensive and non-comprehensive services include the breakdown maintenance of turbines as per requirement. The team also provides SCADA support for multiple OEM turbines, technical support as per requirement, technical workforce support as well as support for technical due diligence. In addition, to enhance the fleet's performance and optimize efficiency, the blade composite services support the repair/ refurbishment of the blades.

Providing multi-make services for wind assets ensures business continuity, secures revenues, enhances the ROI of the machines, and safeguards customer assets. This does not just offer peace of mind for customers; it also encourages investors to participate in the country's wind energy sector actively, thereby expanding the industry and contributing to more green energy generation for nations worldwide.

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