Value Added Services & Products

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Suzlon constantly works towards increasing efficiency, yield and return of investment (ROI) for its clients through technology and innovation. Suzlon’s promise of excellence is delivered on its range of services as with its range of wind turbines. Suzlon, therefore, offers the following solutions that redefine the benchmarks of services in the renewable energy sector.

Climbing System:

Quick Climb is an assisted climbing tool for OMS engineers to enable hurdle-free climbing of turbine towers. It ensures a safer and faster way for technicians to reach the nacelle of the wind turbine and facilitates carrying of tools, thus significantly reducing human effort and risk.

Key Features:

  • A new lifting system in tower
  • Reduces technician fatigue, enhances performance
  • Can be installed without changing the existing tower structure

Quick Sense:

Quick Sense is a sensor which identifies the wind direction. The new wind vane, once deployed, ensures enhanced resolution and accuracy of the wind direction. This leads to better alignment of the nacelle to the wind direction, resulting in an increase in the Annual Energy Production (AEP).

Key Features:

  • More accurate wind direction sensor and early actuation of yaw command
  • Better nacelle alignment to wind direction
  • Provides better Annual Energy Production(AEP)

SC Trinity:

Suzlon's advanced, in-house developed and User-friendly SCADA application, SC Trinity enhances the asset production. This best-in-class fleet performance analysis tool is the next generation SCADA platform that enables a user to view the real-time performance of WTGs.

Key Features:

  • Client based application for SCADA
  • Enhanced SCADA version with Improved look and feel
  • Enables clients access to various MIS