Optimisation & Digitalisation

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At Suzlon, a constant vigil is kept on the global industry trends and the future needs of the customers. There is a continuous focus on improving the service standards to enhance the turbines’ reliability and performance. By embracing digitisation Suzlon is able to better leverage analytics to improve operational efficiency and predictive maintenance. Data and its collated analytics are the DNA of Suzlon’s Next-generation technology.


Suzlon’s proprietary Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA) remotely measures and monitors performance, and provides real-time information on the entire global WTG fleet. It enables proactive monitoring of field conditions, improve energy yield of turbines and allows for better scheduling and forecasting.

SCADA system is designed with TIA 942 with TIER 3 Data centre availability, this system connects each WTG to Suzlon Monitoring Centres (SMC) in Pune (India) and Melbourne (Australia). The conditional monitoring systems used in Suzlon WTGs help to predict component failures accurately which helps the OMS team plan corrective actions. Entire facility is certified for ISO-27001 Certification for IT Systems and applications along with Tier-3 Certification for Suzlon Data Centre, Pune.

The SCADA service offerings:

  • Enables real-time monitoring of WTGs
  • Best in class, user friendly
  • Expedites troubleshooting and notification
  • Facilitates data acquisition and analysis for predictive maintenance, all with secured access
  • Real-time 24X7 turbine monitoring at SMC
  • Control critical parameters for better performance
  • Use of Big Data technology for scheduling and forecasting wind patterns
  • MIS reports & analysis of historical SCADA data

With Suzlon’s global supply chain and local distribution, complemented by in-house manufacturing, the OMS vertical helps the organisation stay ahead of critical component demand in case of breakdowns and ensures smooth functioning of the WTGs across all regions and climatic conditions for the duration of its entire life cycle. This enables the increase of up-time and reduction of down-time, leading to optimisation of the energy yield.

With Suzlon’s improved accuracy and optimisation in technology pertaining to WTGs, it is a win-win situation for customers and wind farm operators allowing them enhanced revenue and reduced operations and maintenance cost.