Operations & Maintenance Services

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Since its inception, Suzlon has a clear focus on providing sustainable Operations and Maintenance Service (OMS) for the entire life cycle of each of its Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs). The guiding principle for this approach was to ensure the best Return on investment (ROI) for investors and not be limited to designing the best turbine or erecting the same on the best site. Suzlon is the custodian of its customer’s assets for the entire project life-cycle and is committed to ensure the best service for them through its world-class OMS team.

Suzlon Global Operations and Maintenance Services (GOMS) team maintains a fleet of more than 10,080+ wind turbines across various countries in six continents. With rich experience of over two and half decades, Suzlon has scripted OMS best practices that enable it to operate WTGs across any climatic zone or condition: from 50 degree Celsius to -35 degree Celsius.

With Suzlon’s operations and maintenance services (OMS), customers are ensured of turbine efficiency throughout its lifecycle. These services ensure that the profitability of the wind turbine is maintained consistently throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. Suzlon looks into all aspects of maintenance of the turbine through its proactive and reactive maintenance activities.

Suzlon’s range of services supports customers in all stages of the project to ensure smooth functioning of all turbines installed and includes the following practices:

  • Repair of damage caused by extenuating conditions
  • Service of equipment to counter the regular wear and tear of parts
  • Inventory management of spares, including those for WTGs no longer manufactured but only maintained, at pivotal locations
  • Value added products for easy and effective maintenance and increasing performance
  • High-end digitization products, Drone facilities for inspection of WTGs

Heroes of Suzlon

The 3,500+ strong global workforce are the real heroes who provide 24X7 dedicated service to Suzlon’s turbines across the world. These engineers undergo rigorous on-site training at dedicated learning and development centres, which are equipped with live AR/VR to provide them with real-world experience. This equips the technicians with requisite skills, technique and knowledge to confront demanding on-site conditions and situations. In addition to this Suzlon provides training to young leaders to promote and keep them up to date with cutting edge technology. Training centres in Suzlon provides world-class experience for class-room and at field training.

Suzlon’s GOMS team, with its global experience, has proven expertise of successfully servicing Wind Turbines in diverse and extreme climatic conditions across geographies.

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