North America

Suzlon established its North American operations through Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation (SWECO), in 2001 with a vision to become the preferred provider of value-added sustainable power plant solutions. In addition to the older S64 1.25 MW and S88 2.1 MW turbines, Suzlon has also launched the S111 2.1 MW, the latest generation Suzlon wind turbine which includes a 97 - meter and 111 - meter rotor diameter option. Suzlon today offers the entire range of services in the wind power generation sector right from the commissioning stage through to the lifelong maintenance of the wind turbines. It provides Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of wind farm projects along with parts management, 24-hour monitoring and safety services including a fully functional floor mounted nacelle for training.

Suzlon guarantees high quality and innovative products, delivering best-in-class service to its customers. Within a short span of time, Suzlon has succeeded in developing a quality vendor base in North America to supplement its value chain, emerging as a leading producer of renewable energy in North America.

An installed capacity of 2.7GW and a footprint across 18 states and two countries underscores Suzlon’s commitment to the North American market.

Under its scope of work, Suzlon has the capabilities to meet the needs of the entire wind power project from procurement to operation compliance. Suzlon is focused and driven towards fulfilling the guarantees that it provides to customers.

Suzlon’s guarantees include:

  • Delivery to site
  • Commissioning of turbines
  • Availability
  • Power Curve
  • Components
  • Sound level

Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation (SWECO) has an extensive client list with more than 80 wind projects across North America.

SWECO’s footprint in North America

  • Suzlon Monitoring Center (SMC)

  • Suzlon Wind Turbine Training Center

  • Suzlon Operations, Maintenance & Service (OMS)

  • North American Headquarters

North America

Suzlon Monitoring Center (SMC)

Suzlon Monitoring Center (SMC) in Chicago has experienced technicians and engineers monitoring our customers’ assets on a 24-hour basis, 365 days a year. SMC technicians rotate at 12-hour intervals to monitor more than 2,420 wind turbines located throughout North America, South America and Europe. Monitoring of turbines in other parts of the world is managed by SMC in Pune, India.

Suzlon Wind Turbine Training Center

Suzlon Operations, Maintenance & Service (OMS)

North American Headquarters

North American Headquarters

SWECO’s office in Chicago is the North American operational headquarters for sales, marketing, business development, supply chain, service and maintenance, finance, HR, and Suzlon’s 24/7 monitoring centre called SMC – the Suzlon Monitoring Center.

Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation

8750 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue, Suite 300E,

Chicago, IL 60631.
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