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call of the wind
suzlon founder

This book is so much more than only a collection of beautifully produced pages; it’s a visual odyssey that celebrates the indomitable spirit of the person that Tulsi Tanti truly was. It embodies the impact that Mr Tanti created not just in India but also globally, and the innumerable lives that he touched. Within the pages of this book, you will find a treasure trove of rare photographs, untold stories of hope and inspiration, the impact of renewable energy on the financial sector, Mr Tanti’s vision of net zero, and the pivotal role he played in bringing emerging markets such as India, onto the global stage.

Call of the Wind is not only ours to cherish, and remember Mr Tanti by. It is a collective tribute to the luminary whose relentless efforts have gone on to shape our industry. Therefore, we invite you to be a part of this creation and share your stories of Tulsi Tanti with us.

Should you wish to share your stories with us, kindly fill out the form with your details. It will be our privilege to hear and document your story of the inspiring ‘Windman’.

Together, let’s honour the past to inspire the future!

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