Research and Development

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Research and development is the cornerstone of Suzlon’s success in its pursuit of harnessing energy through renewable sources.

Research and development continue to play a pivotal role in making Suzlon a renewable energy powerhouse. Suzlon’s focus on creating innovative products and services has helped in making renewable energy attractive and profitable for investors. Especially in wind energy, its focused research and development, coupled with cutting-edge technology, has made Suzlon a market leader.

Suzlon spends a significant amount of its revenues on R&D to incubate innovation and implement the outcomes in its product development, processes, operations, and maintenance services. The net result has been a significant reduction in the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE).

The company has four main research centres in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and in India. It has hired the best minds in the field of aviation and wind energy to assimilate and formulate its R&D strategy. Suzlon is pushing the aerodynamic limits with each new turbine model. It is also introducing advanced materials such as carbon-fibre in its next-generation turbines which will make the blades stronger and lighter.

Suzlon’s thrust on technological and process innovation is a reflection of its deep commitment to customers. The aim is to give them the best value for their investment. Efforts are constantly on to reduce the time taken for the wind farm or solar facility to start yielding results while increasing their productive life.

Suzlon’s R&D facilities

Country Unit Focus Area
Germany Hamburg Development & Integration
Rostock Development & Integration
Design & Product Engineering
Innovation & Strategic Research
Netherlands Hengelo Blade Design and Integration
India Pune Design & Product Engineering
Turbine Testing & Measurement
Technical Field Support

Wind Resource Development
Vadodara Blade Testing Center
Chennai Design & Product Engineering (Mechanical Drive)
Bengaluru Technology Center
Denmark Aarhus SCADA

Suzlon’s R & D Footprint