August 3, 2007

Suzlon crosses new milestone in European market

Mumbai: Suzlon crossed a new milestone in Europe, the world’s largest and most
competitive wind market. The company completed the commissioning of six turbines,
and the mechanical erection of an additional of nine turbines installed at its Penamacor

The projects cover 39,9 MW of wind turbine capacity with TECNEIRA - Tecnologias
Energéticas, SA for two windfarm projects in the Penamacor region of Portugal. The
orders are supplied with Suzlon’s largest product the S88-2.1 MW wind turbine.

Portugal is a market with significant wind power growth potential. The country has a
stable and attractive incentive scheme in place and there is strong support for
renewable energy sources, particularly wind. Portugal showed significant growth,
crossing 1,819 MW in cumulative capacity in 31rst. March 2007.

The EU’s Renewables Directive and Portugal’s reliance on fossil fuel imports are major
drivers for growth. Furthermore, there are plans for significant grid expansion which
when complete should provide for considerable capacity addition on a yearly basis.
Forecasts point to Portugal achieving 4,687 MW in cumulative capacity by 2010.

Tecneira - Tecnologias Energéticas, SA, is 100% owned by PROCME, a Holding of CME
Group of Companies which develop their activity, in an integrated manner, in the
investment, business promotion, engineering, construction, maintenance and
operation areas within the sub-structures and entrepreneurial sectors, with businesses
in the electrical installations, civil construction and energy production (windfarms)

The main company within the Group is CME, S.A, established in 1983. With over 1.000
employees and a turnover of about Euro 230 million, it is involved in practically every
area of integrated services with an high technology component.

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