June 5, 2015

Suzlon Group leads the way for a greener tomorrow; celebrates World Environment Day

  • Over 44 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions reduced every year owing to Suzlon’s global wind energy installations
  • 1.21 million trees planted; urges over 6900 employees to pledge a sapling on World Environment day
  • Myriad of activities undertaken such as plastic & bio medical waste collection, PUC check, environment awareness session with experts, tree plantation and cloth bag sale

Pune, India: On the occasion of World Environment Day (WED), Suzlon Group, India’s leading wind turbine manufacturer, marked the day with several environment protection initiatives aligned to UNEP’s WED 2015 theme of "Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care." Environment Sustainability is at the core of Suzlon group’s philosophy and vision to ‘Power a greener tomorrow’. Suzlon is contributing towards mitigating risks of climate change with its clean technologies and wind energy installations worldwide. On WED, Suzlon organized myriad of activities across all its office locations to enhance awareness on environment protection. The activities were undertaken to encourage employees to adapt to green practices as a way of life for a better & greener tomorrow. Suzlon Group headquarters ‘One Earth’ located in Pune bears testimony to the group’s focus on environment sustainability.‘One Earth’ is LEED certified and one of the greenest corporate campus in the world with Platinum level certification. 

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Tulsi Tanti, Chairman, Suzlon Group said, “The well-being of humanity, the environment and the functioning of the economy depends upon the responsible management of the planet’s natural resources. And yet, evidence is building that people are consuming far more natural resources than what the planet can sustainably provide. We all need to preserve our today for a brighter tomorrow. Choosing to make a sustainable tomorrow and environment conservation forms the core of our business model. World Environment day is not merely an event for us at Suzlon, but a continuous endeavor to ensure the importance of sustainable development. I firmly believe that responsible usage of our natural resources is the only way to achieve sustainability.”

Suzlon’s CSR approach is focused on five capitals of development- Natural Capital, Human Capital, Social Capital, Physical Capital and Financial Capital. Natural Capital aims at increasing availability & quality of soil, water, air, flora and fauna. The initiatives undertaken by Suzlon Group have had the following positive impact so far:

  • 65,749 CuM water conserved due to water conservation methods and 300 wells recharged
  • 1.21 million trees planted
  • 33.5 hectare land around turbines has brought under conjunctive use, 170 tonnes of grass gown
  • Over 3,627 ha land treated for conservation
  • 83,803 kg solid waste recycled improving the environment, 71CBOs combating climate changes
  • 20 villages free of organic and plastic waste in Baroda SEZ
  • 1394 farmers have adopted organic farming

Suzlon group’s vision to preserve as well as expand the green blanket cover through it’s over 14,000 MW
wind energy installation globally and CSR initiatives, is testimony of Suzlon Group’s commitment to
contribute towards a sustainable ecosystem for the future. Apart from being a technology leader, Suzlon
prides itself in championing the cause of sustainable energy thus creating a lasting and harmonious

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