September 21, 2015

Suzlon achieves a milestone by surpassing 2,000 MW installations in Maharashtra

  • Suzlon surpassed 2000 MW of installed capacity in Maharashtra with over 1900 wind turbines connected to the grid
  • Electricity produced by the wind turbines annually powers ~ 1.2 million households and curbs ~ 4.33 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually in Maharashtra 
  • Suzlon commenced operations in Maharashtra in 1998 with manufacturing units in Chakhan and Dhule

21st Sept 2015, India: The Suzlon Group, one of the leading wind turbine manufacturer, announced that
it has achieved a significant milestone of 2000 MW (2 GW) of cumulative installations in Maharashtra
during the first half of the year. Suzlon has a long standing presence in Maharashtra and commands a
leading market share contributing significantly towards Maharashtra’s sustainable energy mix. Suzlon’s
technological knowhow, its best in class OMS (Operation & Maintenance Services) and its end to end
solutions approach gives it the competitive edge.

With over two decades of operating history, the Suzlon Group has a cumulative installation of over 14
GW of wind energy capacity, presence in 19 countries and a customer base of over 1700.

Suzlon’s projects in Maharashtra are spread across 8 districts in over 40 sites. These projects are set up
for a diverse group of customers from different sectors such as IPPs, Corporates, Retails, PSUs, MSMEs,
etc. Suzlon has come a long way since its maiden turbine installation in this state in 1998 with a turbine
of rated capacity 350 kW. With an increased demand in clean energy solutions in Maharashtra, Suzlon
evolved its product offerings to higher rated capacity turbines such as the robust 2.1 MW product

Mr. Tulsi Tanti, Chairman, Suzlon Group said,”Suzlon’s operations in Maharashtra commenced in 1998
when we installed our first wind turbine at Satara. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our
customers, investors and our employees for their continuous belief and relentless support in this long
journey spanning over 17 years.

Suzlon continues to leverage its technological edge to introduce path breaking products aimed at higher
yields and ROI to customers. Our S9X product suite belonging to our proven 2.1 MW platform highlights
Suzlon’s continuous technological evolution. The 2.1 MW platform products have a presence in
Maharashtra as well.

Maharashtra has played an integral part in enhancing Suzlon’s growth. Suzlon is committed to
contribute to the state’s energy security and at the same time work towards mitigating the carbon

Today, Suzlon in Maharashtra employs ~ 2000 people. Aligned to its vision of ‘Powering a Greener
Tomorrow’, Suzlon prides itself in championing the cause of sustainable energy. Electricity generated
from Suzlon turbines in Maharashtra light up ~1.2 million households and also contributes to reducing
the state’s carbon footprint by eliminating ~ 4.33 million tones of CO2 emissions annually.

Additionally, an all-round sustainable development of the society is the motto of Suzlon’s Corporate
Social Responsibility programme. Suzlon Foundation efforts have had the following positive impact so
far in Maharashtra:

  • 302 villages covered under CSR outreach program
  • 28055 families directly benefiting
  • 88 schools covered and targeting approximately over 14,651 students
  • 27676 trees planted
  • 22 hectares of land treated for land and soil conservation
  • 1020 SHGs ( Self Help Group)& community based organizations formed and strengthened 

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