February 3, 2016

SE Forge (Suzlon Group Co.) exits CDR and receives Investment Grade rating from CARE

  • Exits from corporate debt restructuring mechanism
  • CARE assigns BBB- credit rating for long term bank facilities and A3 credit rating for Short Term Bank Facilities

Pune, India: Suzlon Group, one of the leading global renewable energy solution providers, today
announced that SE Forge Limited (SEFL), its wholly-owned subsidiary, has exited the Corporate Debt
Restructuring (CDR). Separately, the rating agency CARE has also assigned investment grade ratings,
a BBB- rating for its long term bank facilities (including working capital) and A3 for its short term
bank facilities.

Below schedule gives the facility wise rating:

Particulars                                       Amount (Rs. Crs)           Rating assigned

Long term bank facilities                    392.65                             CARE BBB
(rupee terms loans and fund
based working capital)

Short term bank facilities                    96.00                               CARE A3
(Non-fund based working

Total Facilities                                   488.65

SE Forge has achieved turnaround performance in the first nine months with sales revenue growth
of more than 90% as compared to the corresponding period previous year. Company has improved
its operational performance significantly and achieved profitability during the period.

The Company has a robust order book position and has managed to procure orders from new
customers in both wind and non wind sectors. SE Forge continues to demonstrate strong revival and
is moving forward on a growth path.

The investment grade rating is on the back of an improvement in SEFL’s operational performance
and greater revenue visibility. SEFL's ability to improve its scale of operations, diversification of its
customer base and garner need-based financial support from parent company have been taken into
account by the rating agency for assigning the investment grade rating.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kirti Vagadia, Chief Financial Officer, Suzlon Group said: “The exit
from the CDR as well as the investment grade rating for SE Forge gives us the required financial
flexibility to capture the increased business opportunities at SE Forge and to reduce its interest cost
significantly. We are thankful to our lenders for their continued faith in us. Exiting from CDR
arrangement within the envisaged time frame marks a significant step forward for SEFL.

The rating and the CDR exit demonstrates improvement in the liquidity profile, scale of operations
and profitability of SE Forge. This clearly highlights that SE Forge is on a path of resurgence and 
demonstrates our restored credibility on the back of significant debt reduction, strong industry
outlook and our order-book and pipe-line.

Government’s clear thrust on renewables and our constant efforts to lower the cost of energy has
resulted into a favorable business outlook for the sector.”

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