April 19, 2016

Suzlon installs solar powered street lights in Tuticurin district, Tamil Nadu

  •  Four solar street lights were installed in Ottanatham and Sangampatti villages, Tuticurin
  •  200 families benefitted from the activity. 
Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu: In line with the vision of powering a greener tomorrow Suzlon Foundation,
along with Association for Integrated Rural Development (AIRD), installed two solar street lights in each
village, Ottanatham and Sangampatti, in Tuticurin district, Tamil Nadu as part of the zero darkness
initiative. The objective of the activity was to promote green energy sources for community lighting and
to reduce the carbon footprint. The lights were installed in common places where there was complete

A total of 200 families benefited from the activity. The activity witnessed support from elected
representatives of Gram Panchayat.

Dr. Jasmine Sofia Gogia, General Manager, Suzlon Foundation said, “At Suzlon, we are guided by the
philosophy to pursue social, economic and ecological development for our planet. More than 1.3 billion
people in the world do not have access to electricity. The common areas in the villages are dark after sun
down, making it unsafe to step outside their homes due to security concerns. To overcome this problem,
we came up with the initiative of installing solar street lights in the villages that do not have access to
electricity at night.

To help break the cycle of poverty, people must have access to light wherever and whenever they need.
By providing these solar powered lights, we are bringing clean, efficient, renewable, and affordable
illumination to the rural areas, thereby making a positive impact. We thank the elected representatives
of Gram Panchayat for extending their support in carrying out this activity. ”

Suzlon has wind energy installations of over 2,000MW in Tamil Nadu spread across various locations.
Over 100 villages are covered under Suzlon’s CSR programs in Tamil Nadu.

Suzlon believes that it has the responsibility to enhance financial, natural, social, human and physical
resources around its operating areas. Suzlon Foundation has developed a sustainability framework
which forms the basis of its responsive programs. These include those programs that respond to
neighbourhood needs and to offset the social/environmental impact of the business, if any. Apart from
being a technology leader, Suzlon aims to champion the cause of sustainable energy and create a lasting
and harmonious environment.

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