September 21, 2016

Tulsi Tanti flags huge growth of renewable in Australia

  • Suzlon has contributed over AUD$2 billion Indo-Australia trade  
  •  Committed to further strengthen India-Australia bilateral trade relations, specifically in capital goods and the renewable energy sector 
  • Suzlon’s 764 MW wind energy installations in Australia delivers power to almost 4 million households and reduces CO2 emissions by ~1.6 million tons annually.
Mumbai, India: Tulsi Tanti, the founder, chairman and managing director of Suzlon Group, one of the leading renewable energy solutions providers in the world, has flagged the huge potential of wind power in Australia in a keynote address on “Climate Change, Clean Energy and Australia India trade” at the Annual Australia India address 2016 organized by the Australia India Business Council (AIBC) in Melbourne.

Mr Tanti said there would be a US$5.86 trillion investment in renewable energy globally between 2014 and 2035 with wind expected to be the single largest source of investment representing 21 per cent of the total.

“Australia is ideally situated to benefit from this investment with the demand for electricity in this country expected to increase by two per cent each year over the next two decades,” he said.

Speaking at the event held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Mr Tanti said renewable energy had made the transition from alternate to mainstream on the global stage and the opportunities for Australia were enormous.

“Wind and solar energy are growing at a rapid rate due to their cost competitiveness and the fact that they lower the carbon footprint,” he said.

“There are also the advantages of eliminating the price uncertainty associated with fossil fuels and the modular, scalable and low gestation period of renewable energy infrastructure.”

A champion for affordable and sustainable energy, Mr Tanti has been named a 'Hero of the Environment' by TIME magazine for his contribution to raising awareness and initiating action on global climate change.

He said Suzlon Group was committed to helping Australia make the transition to a low carbon economy and fulfilling its COP21 (Paris Agreement on climate change) commitment. With over AUD$2 billion IndoAustralia trade contributed by Suzlon so far, Mr Tanti also reiterated the company’s commitment to further strengthening India-Australia bilateral trade relations, specifically in capital goods and the renewable energy sector.

The Australian Government has set a renewable energy target (RET) of 33,000 GWh by 2020 meaning about 23.5 per cent of the nation’s electricity generation will be from renewable sources by 2020. All state governments have also announced renewable energy targets.

Mr. Tanti said wind energy was expected to represent up to 40 per cent of the nation’s renewable energy mix by 2020 with over 8000 MW of wind energy installations currently in the development pipeline.

He said Suzlon Group was making a substantial investment in technology with research and development centres in Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and India working to reduce the ‘Wind Levelized Cost of Electricity’ (LCOE) by 20 per cent in the next five years, increase plant load factor (PLF) and introduce innovative solutions like wind-solar hybrid.

In Australia, Suzlon has 764 MW of wind energy installations and delivers power to almost 4 million households. Its wind turbines reduce CO2 emissions by 1.6 million tons annually.

About Suzlon Group: 

The Suzlon Group is one of the leading renewable energy solutions providers in the world with an international presence across 19 countries in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and North and South America. With over two decades of operational track record, the Group has a cumulative installation of approximately 15.5 GW of wind energy capacity, over 8,000 employees with diverse nationalities and world-class manufacturing facilities. Suzlon is the only Indian wind energy company with a large in-house Research and Development (R&D) set-up in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and India. Approximately 9.50 GW of the Group’s installation is in India, which makes up for ~36% of the country’s wind installations, making Suzlon the largest player in this sector. The company has recently forayed into the solar space. The Group, headquartered at Suzlon One Earth in Pune, India, is comprised of Suzlon Energy Limited and its subsidiaries. Suzlon corporate website: 

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