June 6, 2007

Suzloon secures 630 MW order from Edison Mission Group of California

                Order makes EMG Suzlon’s biggest customer; will raise EMG’s total 
                             Suzlon turbine capacity to over 1000 MW

ChicagoPune: Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation, the US-based subsidiary of Suzlon
Energy A/S of Denmark, has signed a contract to supply a total of 300 units of the
S88-2.1 MW turbine, which is equivalent to 630 MW of capacity, with Edison Mission
Group (EMG) of Irvine, California.

The two-phase contract calls for delivery of 315 MW of turbine capacity in 2008 and
another 315 MW of capacity in 2009, which along with previous purchases brings
EMG’s total committed Suzlon turbine capacity to over 1,000 MW and makes it
Suzlon’s biggest customer. This is also the single largest order in Suzlon’s history.

“This repeat order brings EMG’s total committed capacity to a Suzlon company record
of 1,000 megawatts,” said Andris Cukurs, CEO of Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation,
based in Chicago, Illinois. “Suzlon is honored to say that EMG has become our biggest
customer to date.”

“Suzlon has quickly become a major player in the U.S. market and it is largely due to
the renewed commitment we’ve received from EMG since 2003, We are very proud of
the relationship we have built with EMG.” said Andre Horbach, CEO of Suzlon Group,
from Suzlon’s global management headquarters based in Amsterdam, The

The agreement includes a five-year contract for service and warranty in 2008. The
turbines will be sited at various wind farm locations across the United States, which
are yet to be announced.

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