April 18, 2008

Suzlon secures major China orders

Pune - Suzlon Energy (Tianjin) Limited (SETL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suzlon
Energy Limited, India, has secured orders totaling nearly 200 MW of capacity for wind
farm projects in China. The orders from two major players in China’s energy sector, is
a significant addition to Suzlon’s position in the country’s growing wind energy market.

The first order from Ao Lu Jia New Energy Development Ltd., calls for the delivery of
148.5 MW of wind turbine capacity through 99 units of the S82 – 1.5 MW turbine for
use in three wind farms. Deliveries for the first wind farm are scheduled for shipment
during the second quarter of FY2008-09. Ao Lu Jia New Energy Development Ltd. is a
Sino-Norwegian joint venture and partially owned by Norway’s NBT AS. This joint
venture is NBT’s participation in renewable energy developments in China. NBT AS
seeks to develop an extensive wind portfolio in Jilin, Heilongjiang, and Inner Mongolia
provinces, with a target to build 588 MW of capacity by the end of 2010.

The following order from Beifang Longyuan (North Union) calls for the delivery of 50
MW of wind turbine capacity through 40 units of the S64 – 1.25 MW turbine, scheduled
for delivery in the first quarter of FY2009-10. Beifang Longyuan is part of China’s
North Union Group, which develops power projects in Inner Mongolia. North Union is
100% owned by the Hua’neng Group, the largest power project developer in China.
Beifang Longyuan has been involved in wind power business for more than 15 years
and has rich experience in wind farm operations.

“China is an extremely important market for Suzlon. Growing from a low base, China’s
wind energy market has set a scorching pace towards meeting its renewable energy
goals, growing at 127% in 2006-07 and setting a three-year-average of 97%.* These
orders demonstrate Suzlon’s strong position in the market. With our dedicated
integrated manufacturing facility in Tianjin, Suzlon is poised to be a key player in this
rapidly growing market,” Paulo Fernando Soares – CEO, Suzlon Energy (Tianjin) Ltd.
stated, commenting on the order.

China features an abundance of windy locations suitable for wind farms and
predominantly moderate wind speeds. The wind market is driven by the economy’s
rapidly increasing need for power, and the government’s aggressive renewable energy
targets. An increasing gap between demand and supply provides a major opportunity
for wind energy to play a key role as part of China’s energy mix – providing a scalable,
pollution free and sustainable solution to power the country’s growth.

“China forms one of the key growth markets for our global growth story. The country
has a strong stated commitment to renewable energy, and we are fully committed to
growing the market and bringing the fruits of clean, sustainable wind energy to help
power greater economic development in China,” Andre Horbach – CEO, Suzlon Group

China added 3,287 MW in wind capacity in 2007, a major increase over 2006
installations of 1,334 MW, taking the cumulative installed capacity for the market to
5,875 MW. This remarkable growth has made China the second leading wind energy
market, behind the United States, comprising nearly 17% of the global market. The
market is expected to continue its rapid growth, with new installations of 36,500 MW
projected between 2008 and 2012, taking cumulative installed capacity to the over
42,000 MW at the end of the period.* 

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