September 4, 2008

Suzlon makes major contributions to Illinois State University RE program

                         Gives $50,000 to Center for Renewable Energy

Pune/Chicago - Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation, a step-down subsidiary of Suzlon
Energy Limited of India, the world’s fifth largest wind turbine maker, announced a
contribution of USD 50,000 to the Illinois State University’s Center for Renewable
Energy, which is also connected to its new Renewable Energy bachelor’s program.

Suzlon’s support as a Founding Member is part of its corporate vision to build a
sustainable, educated and skilled workforce, which will contribute to the need for
people knowledgeable specifically in the field of renewable energy and can power the
industry’s meteoric growth into the next decade.

“In Illinois and across the Midwest, Suzlon believes strongly that a four-year program
like the one Illinois State University has established is essential to developing the
workforce that we must have now and well into the next decade,” said Andris Cukurs,
CEO of Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation. “Investing in students today is like investing
in better technology, smarter development and stronger wind companies for the
future,” he added.

The newly formed Renewable Energy Major is a four-year program that already boasts
40 students enrolled for the Fall semester, and features students tapped as
Presidential Scholars, the highest award given by the University.

Suzlon joins a respected team that forms an advisory board to the Center for
Renewable Energy providing expert input for future industry research and
development of wind energy and other renewables. The company is also involved in
the development of the Center’s internship program and supports the campus’ seminar
program of featured industry speakers.

“Since the growth trend for U.S. wind power is undeniably explosive, it requires that
Suzlon work even harder to keep pace with the demand for new and well-educated
employees. Whether it is through internships or hiring recent Illinois State University
graduates, Suzlon needs to invest in its own backyard to retain quality educated
students here, while also offering job growth opportunities across the country,” added

“We are excited to have Suzlon as a Founding Member of the Center,” said David G.
Loomis, Director of the Center for Renewable Energy. “This gift and partnership shows
Suzlon’s commitment to building a well-educated workforce for tomorrow’s wind

Suzlon is aware of strong initiatives taken up by several four-year university programs,
and is taking the extra step to recognize Illinois State as one of the first in the Midwest
to design not only a comprehensive program, but also partner it with a high-quality
renewable energy research center that can be used as a collaborative hub with other
universities and wind energy companies.

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