November 6, 2008

TrustPower opens Snowtown, Australia, windfarm

 Stage-I powered with 47 Suzlon S88 turbines

Pune: New Zealand based TrustPower Limited on 2nd November, 2008 held the official
public opening of Stage 1 of its first Australian wind farm, located at Snowtown 170km
north of Adelaide. The $220 million project, using 47 Suzlon S88 turbines, is expected
to produce in excess of 380 GWh of electricity each year, saving more than 345,000
tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually, and powering the equivalent of 70,000
average Australian homes.

The public opening, which took the form of a community event with food and produce
stalls, entertainment, displays and public wind farm bus tours, saw the unveiling of a
commemorative plaque and permanent wind turbine blade and information display in
Snowtown, by the Premier of South Australia the Honourable Mike Rann and
TrustPower Chairman Mr Bruce Harker.

Other distinguished guests included the Federal Member for Grey Mr Rowan Ramsey,
the State Member for Frome the Honourable Mr Rob Kerin, the Mayor of Wakefield Mr.
James Maitland, Toine van Megen, Global CEO of Suzlon, Dan Hansen, CEO of Suzlon
Energy Australia, and members of the TrustPower board and management team
including Chief Executive Officer, Keith Tempest.

The Snowtown wind farm site spreads more than 20km along the Hummocks and
Barunga ranges, allowing for significant future expansion and is equipped with 47
Suzlon S88 wind turbines to produce a peak output of 98.7 MW. The Suzlon wind
turbines have a rotor diameter of 88 metres and a tower height of 80m.

Construction of Stage 1 of the Snowtown Windfarm involved 350 escorted truck
journeys from Adelaide, the use of 7km of high tension cables for anchor footings,
5000 cubic metres of concrete, 8,000 tonne of steel for towers, 27km of underground
cable and 18km of overhead 33kv power line, with 15,000 tonnes total weight of cargo
transported to the site.

Suzlon Energy Australia took up the project on a turnkey EPC basis and completed it
on time and within budget.

TrustPower Chief Executive Keith Tempest says the opening of the Snowtown Wind
Farm marks another important milestone for TrustPower, which has a portfolio of 100
percent sustainable hydro and wind generation facilities.

"We are proud of our investments in sustainable generation in New Zealand, which
includes 35 hydro facilities and the country’s largest wind farm, plus plans for two
further hydro facilities and two further wind farms now having been granted resource
consents. We see this as the first of what we hope will be significant further
investments in Australian wind energy, the income from which will complement that
from New Zealand and provide increased income security in times of difficult economic
or climatic conditions, as well as making a worthwhile contribution to combating
emissions induced climate change".

"The wind farm will help develop a positive new image for the town," said the
Chairperson of the Snowtown Community Management Committee, Paul McCormack.
"The local community has taken a strong interest in the project, and appreciates it
being named the Snowtown Wind Farm," Mr McCormack said. "It’s a good news story
for this community."

Mr McCormack is particularly enthusiastic about the 44 metre wind turbine blade which
is on permanent display in the middle of town. "It is a fantastic tourist attraction and it
allows people to stop off in Snowtown and get a sense of the turbines up close."
Mr McCormack, who has one of turbines on his land, said lightheartedly: "Every
morning I walk to the chook house to collect an egg for breakfast, and I look up at my
turbine on the hill to ensure that it’s still spinning. I think it’s a beautiful beast, and it
makes me greener and greener each day."

While addressing the gathering, Suzlon's Global CEO, Toine van Megen said that the
Australia market is a focus market for Suzlon and congratulated the Australian Suzlon
Team for delivering the project in time and within budget and to the entire satisfaction
of TrustPower.

"Suzlon is committed to the Australian market for the long term and we look forward
to realising more projects with TrustPower. I congratulate the Snowtown community
with the wholehearted support that they have given to TrustPower and Suzlon.
Without your support this project would not have been realised. Suzlon is in Australia
for the long term and we are happy to do our part in creating a sustainable and green
environment in Australia through our products and services".

Mr. Dan Hansen, CEO of Suzlon Australia thanked TrustPower for the close and open
cooperation between the two companies throughout the construction of the project
and thanked the local community of Snowtown for their support and participation,
which we trust will continue through the long term operation, service and maintenance
of the wind farm.

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