December 10, 2008

Suzlon Announces Organizational Change

Pune: Suzlon Energy Limited, the world's fifth leading wind turbine maker, announced
a reallocation of responsibilities at the top management level, with the responsibilities
of the CEO distributed between the offices of the Chairman and Managing Director, Mr.
Tulsi R Tanti, and the Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Sumant Sinha. Mr. Toine van Megen,
who was earlier a member of the Group Supervisory Council and until now the CEO of
Suzlon’s wind energy business, will again take supervisory responsibilities at Suzlon
Group level.

The decision has been taken in response to the dynamic and rapidly changing macroeconomic
environment, and will enable Suzlon to respond with agility to this
environment. The change is also aimed at achieving greater consolidation and
operational efficiencies as a group.

Mr. Tulsi Tanti will continue with his role as strategist, and also oversee risk
management in the prevailing dynamic external conditions by working more closely
with the operational management of the businesses. Mr. Sumant Sinha will assume an
expanded role as COO, and take over the day-to-day operational management of
Suzlon’s wind energy business.

Speaking on the development, Mr. Tulsi Tanti stated: "I am taking direct charge of the
company’s operations to navigate us through the challenging business environment
caused by difficult global economic conditions. This re-allocation of roles will enable us
to be more agile and deliver a better financial performance as a group.

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