March 3, 2009

Suzlon wins 100 MW World Bank funded project in China

Pune: Suzlon Energy Limited, the world's fifth largest wind turbine maker with 10.5%
of global market share*, announced the entering of an agreement between the
company’s China-operations subsidiary Suzlon Energy (Tianjin) Limited (SETL) and
Inner Mongolia North Longyuan Wind Power Corporation, for 100 MW of wind turbine

The order calls for the delivery of a total of 80 units of Suzlon’s S64 – 1.25 MW
turbine, in two lots of 50 MW-each in FY2010 and FY2011 to the project site located
120 km north-east of Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,
China. The project site is characterized by temperatures as low as -30 degrees
centigrade during the winter and moderate temperatures during the summer, with an
annual average temperature of -2 degrees centigrade. Suzlon has strong capabilities in
designing wind turbines to operate in harsh and variable climates, and has built up
considerable experience in successfully installing and operating wind projects in some
of the most extreme environments. The site for the new project is in close proximity to
Suzlon's existing Datang International Zhuozi site, which is in operation since 2007
with a total of 32 units of S64 – 1.25 MW turbines.

Speaking on the project, Mr. Paulo Soares, CEO – SETL, said: “We are very
pleased to win this order. North Longyuan is a joint venture between North Union
Power and Longyuan, the leading wind project developer in China. North Union Power
is itself a joint venture among some of the largest power developers in China, with
Huaneng as its leading shareholder with 51%. This is a group of very well established
players in the Chinese wind industry. The project is also unique from the
perspective of drawing financing from the World Bank, which maintains the
highest standards in project selection. This project is one of the key
commitments in the wind power business in China made by the World Bank,
and we are glad to be part of it.”

China has set aggressive targets for renewable energy, targeting significant increase in
the share of non-hydro renewables, which should reach 1% of total power generation
by 2010, and 3% by 2020 for regions served by centralized power grids, figures which,
if achieved will lead to installed capacity of about 20GW by 2010 and 100GW by 2020.
The country had installed over 12,000 MW by end-2008, a growth in installations of
87% over the previous year

Mr. Sumant Shina, COO – Suzlon Energy Limited, said: “This World Bankfunded
order clearly underlines Suzlon’s value proposition in terms of its
technology, product and people. China is one of the world’s fastest growing wind
energy markets, and we have a long-standing presence in the country with dedicated
manufacturing facilities in Tianjin focused on the local market. We expect the Chinese
wind market to continue its rapid growth, and Suzlon is well positioned to be a big part
of this opportunity.”

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