April 23, 2009

Suzlon founder Tulsi Tanti named UNEP Champion of Earth

ParisPune: Mr. Tulsi R. Tanti, Founder, and Chairman and Managing Director –
Suzlon Energy Limited, was named by the United Nations Environment Program as a
Champion of the Earth for 2009 for his Entrepreneurial Vision in combating climate

Speaking after receiving the award, Mr. Tulsi Tanti said: “I am grateful and honored to
receive this award. This award recognizes that the future depends on entrepreneurs
taking a leadership role and working for benefit of society, protection of the planet’s
future, and at the same time generating profits. We need to focus on People-PlanetProfit
to succeed. Innovation will be key, particularly in the current economic
environment. The world has untapped renewable resources that can meet mankind’s
energy needs five times over, and we need to develop and embrace technologies that
help us harness these resources and create a sustainable future for all mankind.”

The United Nations Environment Programme established the annual international
environment award in 2004 in recognition that a renaissance in environmental policy
does not come in a vacuum - it emerges as a result of collective efforts of
governments, private business, organizations and civil society. It needs the longtermcommitment,
vision and creativity of individuals. It needs people who are, and will
continue to be, Champions of the Earth.

Speaking on the philosophy behind the awards, and the selection criteria to recognize
the laureates, Mr. Achim Steiner - Executive Director of the UNEP, said: "We are
looking for real and inspirational Champions-people and organizations who are not
fazed by what can sometimes seem to be insuperable challenges. Individuals and
organizations which refuse to accept the status quo... The world is facing multiple
crises but also huge opportunities to move toward a more resource-efficient, more
intelligently-managed planet."*

Champions of the Earth winners are selected to represent the cutting edge in
innovative thinking and execution of these efforts. UNEP has identified four principle
categories which aim to highlight the urgency of cooperation between all players and
all sectors of society to achieve a Global Green Economy - Policy Leadership; Science &
Innovation; Entrepreneurial Vision and Inspiration & Action – and a special award for
’09 recognizing Next Generation Champions.

The 2009 trophy is a miniature, crystal version of a sculpture created by Prof. Yuan
Xikun, a Beijing-based Chinese sculptor, and donated to UNEP for display at its
headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. The base of the sculpture is a warming earth beneath
a leaning iceberg thawing from the heat. Two panicky young cubs and their helpless
mother balance on the top of the thawing iceberg. With his sculpture, Yuan calls for
people from all walks of life to protect the world's environment and promote
sustainable development.

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