October 14, 2009

Suzlon commissions 19.5 MW GMDC wind farm two months ahead of schedule

Pune: Suzlon Energy Limited (SEL), the world’s third largest* and India’s largest wind
turbine manufacturer, announced the completion and commissioning of a 19.5 MW wind
farm project for the Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation (GMDC) at the Maliya –
Miyana site in Rajkot district of Gujarat. The project comprises of 13 units of Suzlon’s
S82 – 1.5 MW wind turbines and has been commissioned in record time, almost two
months ahead of the contractual commissioning period.

This first 19.5 MW project forms part of the GMDC’s larger roadmap to develop 100 MW
of wind power capacity. Speaking on the project, the GMDC spokesperson said:
“Diversification into wind energy is a key strategic initiative for the GMDC, in pursuit of
energy security and reduction in GHG emissions. As a responsible corporate citizen in the
energy sector, we feel it is our duty to harness green energy and to help save the world
from global warming.”

The GMDC spokesperson further added, “We entrusted Suzlon for our maiden wind
energy project and are pleased that the project has been completed much ahead of its
schedule. We acknowledge Suzlon’s efficient execution capabilities and the close
collaborative approach.”

Speaking on the project, Mr. I. C. Mangal, President, India Business – Suzlon, said:
“GMDC is one of the leading PSU’s in Gujarat. We take pride in our association with the
GMDC and look forward to strengthening this relationship. We also appreciate the
support and the cooperation from the GMDC officials in our endeavor to deliver the
project ahead of its schedule.”

Gujarat’s visionary state leadership has been actively engaged in supporting the
development of renewable energy in the state, acknowledging the importance of
achieving energy security and also mitigating the threat of global warming. The state has
taken visionary leadership in encouraging state PSUs to harness the renewable energy
and in response, most of the leading PSUs including GACL, GSPC, GSFC, GNFC, GSEC
among others, have set-up wind power projects in the state. GMDC has now joined the
league and has plans to invest in a 100 MW wind energy project in the future.

Suzlon has been the No. 1 player in Gujarat’s wind power sector for many years and in
FY2008-09 consolidated its market share to 68%. Suzlon’s Kutch wind park in Gujarat is
amongst the largest in the world with a current installed base of over 775 MW and
growing. Suzlon has also contributed significantly to the state by way of sizable direct
and indirect employment generation, and a number of CSR initiatives to help create a
sustainable livelihood & lifestyle for local communities.

The company began its journey from this very state in 1995 and has its registered office
in Ahmedabad. Suzlon has substantial footprint across the state with a network of
offices, manufacturing and testing facilities, in addition to the 876 MW of wind power
capacity installed in wind farms across the state.

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