January 20, 2011

Suzlon Group Opens New Office in South Korea and Appoints Byung Kwon Kang as Country CEO

Seoul: Suzlon Group, the third leading* wind turbine manufacturer in the world,
announced today it is setting up an office in South Korea and has appointed Mr.
Byung Kwon Kang as Managing Director.

Mr. He Yaozu, CEO, Suzlon Energy Tianjin Ltd said: “South Korea is an
important market for us with great potential. With a capacity of up to 27 GW
along with increasing support from the Government, we are excited by the
opportunity. Byung Kwon’s extensive local and international experience in wind
makes him a perfect fit for Suzlon. We believe our business in this country will
take off very soon.”

Mr. Byung Kwon has over 15 years’ senior management experience in the
manufacturing and wind energy fields. Prior to joining Suzlon, he was the
country sales manager of a leading international renewable energy player in
South Korea. Before that, he served in many senior positions - ranging from
marketing director to Asia regional manager - at a number of major global
manufacturing companies.

Mr. Byung Kwon Kang said: “I am very pleased to join Suzlon as the head of
its South Korea operations. With R&D and technology development in Germany,
Suzlon’s turbines are recognized globally for both their quality and strong
performance. Suzlon is also the kind of company that gives its people a genuine
sense of belonging. I am eager to establish and expand Suzlon’s operations in
South Korea, and confident that Suzlon will soon be one of the most competitive
and respected wind turbine suppliers in this market.”

Notes to editors

South Korea has plentiful wind resources and good supporting infrastructure -
feasible wind resources are estimated to be 27 GW Source: Korean Regional
Outlook 2009 report

The South Korean Government has set a target of supplying 11 per cent of its
total primary energy demand by renewable energy by 2030, which is estimated
to translate to 7300 MW of wind power Source: Korean National Energy Basic
Plan 2008

South Korea had 376 MW of wind energy capacity as of November 2010. Source:
Korea Energy Management Corp (KEMCO).

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