November 16, 2011

UK climate change minister visits Suzlon One Earth

Pune: The Right Honorable Gregory Barker MP, UK Minister of State for Climate Change, on Wednesday
visited One Earth, headquarters of the Suzlon Group and the greenest facility of its kind in the world.
The visit is part of his India tour focusing on low carbon growth.

Speaking at the event, Minister Gregory Barker said: “David Cameron pledged we would be Britain’s
Greenest Government ever, I can assure you that we will deliver on that pledge. And what is more the
transformation of our energy sector is at the centre of our plans.

“UK and India are working closely together on the connected issues of securing the new energy supplies
we need for the future and tackling climate change.

“Businesses like Suzlon, which are at the very forefront of the battle against dangerous man-made
climate change, understand that depleting fossil fuel resources and exponentially growing demand for
energy is driving a brand new market. Not just here in India but around the world. This site is a fantastic
example, of global best practice in corporate environmental responsibility; here at Suzlon you are
building a greener future already.”

Mr. Tulsi R Tanti, founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Suzlon Group, welcoming Minister
Barker added: “Greg Barker has brought insight and focus to the climate change debate on the
international stage, and back at home in the UK, he has been driving progressive policy development
and helping to build a low carbon economy. We are fortunate to have such a capable and energetic
minister leading this critical policy area in the British Government.

“I believe that there are many opportunities for India and the UK to collaborate effectively when it
comes to renewable energy and, as we approach COP17 in Durban next month, the Minister's third visit
to India in two years is extremely welcome.”

Suzlon Group’s global headquarter ‘One Earth’ sets new standards in sustainability. Certified to the
‘Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) Platinum’ and the ‘Green Rating for Integrated
Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) 5 Star’ standards, the facility is one of the greenest of its type anywhere in
the world. Developed on an area of 443,000 square feet (10.70 acres) with a capacity to house 2,300
people, the facility sets new benchmarks in energy efficiency in all aspects of engineering and
construction. The facility was awarded the highest ratings for its whole-building approach to
sustainability by focusing on key areas like human and environmental health, sustainable site
development, efficient water, energy and waste methods, materials and resource selection, indoor
environmental quality and innovation. One Earth, named as a tribute to earth’s unique existence as a
self-replenishing eco-system, is powered 100 per cent by renewable energy through a mix of onsite solar
and wind, as well as offsite wind energy, and generates zero waste.

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