January 17, 2012

Suzlon-subsidiary SEFORGE announces Rs 600 cr (US$ 115 mn) order with bearings major

Coimbatore / Pune: SEFORGE Limited, a Suzlon Group subsidiary, announced a
major supply agreement with global bearings manufacturer worth Rs. 600 crore (US$
115 mn) for the supply of forged and machined rings used in various types of
bearings, including slew bearing rings, over a period of five years.

SEFORGE operates a state of the art forging facility capable of producing seamless
forged rings of maximum diameter of 5.2 meters, with an annual capacity of about
40,000 to 60,000 rings at Vadodara, Gujarat. SEFORGE has established itself as a
major supplier to all major wind turbine manufacturers in India for the supply of
forged rings used in wind turbine towers and bearings. The company also supplies
rings to major international players in the oil and gas, power and defense sectors
over and above the bearing and wind turbine sectors.

Speaking on the agreement, Kamlesh Bhadani, CEO – SEFORGE, said: “This is a
very important supply agreement for us and underscores our ability to deliver
bearing rings of world class quality at competitive prices. This agreement also lays
the foundation for SEFORGE becoming a strong partner to the bearings and other
related industries.”

SEFORGE also has a foundry division, based in Coimbatore, with a modern
manufacturing facility capable of producing large sizes of castings with an annual
capacity of 120,000 MT of castings. Large size castings are primarily supplied to wind
industry, and the Foundry division also has potential to diversify into heavy
engineering, aerospace and power sector equipment.

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