June 15, 2012

Suzlon Group wins key international, domestic quality awards

Pune: Suzlon Group, the world’s fifth leading wind turbine maker, announced that
the company had received major recognition in India and internationally for
initiatives in quality, health and safety.

Suzlon was conferred the ‘Gold Award for Excellence and Business Prestige’ by
the Business Initiative Directions (BID), an organization that promotes a
‘quality culture’ in 178 countries, at the 26th International Quality Summit
Convention in May, 2012. Suzlon was recognized for its continuous drive in quality,
demonstrated by ongoing development and innovation applied to solutions linked to
clear business outcomes.

The company was recognized by the American Society for Quality (ASQ), a global
organization with a presence across more than 140 countries, as a finalist in the
Quality Improvement Projects category at the World Conference on Quality and
Improvement in May, 2012.

Additionally, Suzlon’s HSE (Environment) Improvement Project was recognized
with the Silver award for Best Quality Practices at the Quality Forum of India,
Pune Chapter.

Speaking on the development, Mr Tulsi Tanti, Chairman – Suzlon Group, said:
“At Suzlon, we are committed to securing our position as a leader in the wind energy
space – and we firmly believe that world-beating quality is a pre-requisite to
achieving this. I believe this recognition underscores our commitment to progressive
optimization, and our uncompromising focus on quality, reliability, health and safety.
Looking ahead, I believe the Suzlon Group will set the benchmark for quality, health,
safety and environment in the wind sector.”

Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation (SWECO), the Group’s US subsidiary, was also
recognized by Duke Energy with the President's Safety Leadership Award in
recognition of outstanding safety accomplishments, the second year running that
Suzlon has won this prestigious award.

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