May 14, 2013

Suzlon Group wins EUR 90 mn German community wind farm projects

Pune/Hamburg: REpower Systems SE, a Suzlon Group-subsidiary and leading
manufacturer of onshore and offshore wind turbines, and Bürgerwindpark im
Kirchspiel Medelby GmbH & Co. KG have concluded a contract over 27 wind turbines
for four projects totaling approximately EUR 90 million.

CEO Andreas Nauen: “We are pleased that another community project has selected
REpower know-how. Community wind farms, in addition to orders from our major
customers, make a considerable part of our German business: totaling nearly 50
percent in the financial year 2012/13.”

REpower will deliver 13 turbines of type 3.2M114 with 123 meters hub height, eleven
3.2M114 with 93 meters hub height, two MM92 with 80 meters hub height, and one
MM92 with 100 meters hub height to the project. The turbines are scheduled for
delivery over 2014. The community wind farm Medelby is situated in Northern
Schleswig-Holstein near the Danish border. REpower also concluded a service
contract for 15 years runtime with an option for five additional years.

“Community wind farms are becoming more and more popular as they enable
residents to cover their electricity support with their very own wind farm”, explains
Nauen. “We are always happy to be a reliable partner by offering project specific
solutions for this way of autonomous energy supply.”

REpower brings ground-breaking experience from other projects to this contract,

  • a community wind farm under construction in Buchen which will be the biggest community wind farm in Baden-Wuerttemberg (the third biggest German state). The wind farm Großer Wald, planned by Wind Energy S&H GmbH, will consist of five REpower 3.2M114 turbines with a total output of 16  megawatts (MW). The turbines, with 143 meters hub height and an overall height of 200 meters, will produce around 28 million kilowatt hours per year covering about 7,500 households - and making it the largest community windfarm in the state.

  • the first large-scale community wind farm in Australia with two MM82 turbines. Since November 2011, the 2-MW-class turbines produce more energy than the small town of Daylesford with its 2,000 inhabitants

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