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Introducing the S9X

Making profitable and efficient wind energy accessible

As the high wind speed sites across the world become saturated the focus has shifted to providing efficient wind turbine solutions that operate at a lower wind spectrum. Suzlon's S9X wind turbines meet these needs.

Taking into consideration the stated dynamics of wind energy, Suzlon has created the S9X suite of turbines - S95 and S97, with a 2.1 MW rating for all markets, which is an evolutionary advancement over the successful S88 wind turbine. The S9X's design starts with the current S88, boasting over 4,100 MW of installed capacity in 11 countries and globally averages over 97% availability, making it Suzlon's most robust turbine until now.

Key inclusions in the S9X design are:

1. DFIG converter featuring variable speed

2. Larger swept area with rotor diameters; 95 and 97 meters

3. 80-meter, 90-meter and 100-meter hub heights