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S88-2.1 MW

With the introduction of new, high-yield next generation Wind Turbines, Suzlon has phased out its older WTG models viz. S88, S82, S66 and S52.  We, however continue to support, operate and maintain all our installed wind turbines.

S88 - 2.1 MW is designed for a medium wind speed regime. The wind turbine concept is based on robust design with pitch regulated blade operation, a three-stage gearbox with 2,310 kW rating and flexible coupling to the asynchronous induction generator. The Suzlon flexi-slip system provides efficient control of the load and power control and the turbine operation is effectively controlled by the Suzlon controller. These technologies are all well known in the wind power industry and have proven themselves. The S88 - 2.1 MW is designed to withstand extreme conditions and operate effectively with low maintenance costs.

As with all other Suzlon blades, the AE43 blade is a fully integrated design. The blade manufacturing system, from mold engineering to state-of-the-art Resin Infusion Molding (RIM), is implemented in close co-operation between the Dutch design team and the manufacturing plant operators. The S88 blades are manufactured in our Dhule, Rotor Blade Unit Chaddvel.

The full-span blade pitching system is based on electrical motors with individual power backup which allows fast and efficient pitching of the blades. With a resolution of 0.1° and a special fast-pitching mode, the S88 - 2.1 MW allows optimal power output as well as fast and safe braking of the rotor.
Suzlon has always placed significant focus on gearbox design. The design philosophy is based on years of experience with wind turbines in harsh environments and our internal design standards exceeding the industry standards. The power rating of the Winergy gearbox for the S88 - 2.1 MW is actually 2,310 kW.


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S88-2.1 MW

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