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S66-1.25 MW
Suzlon s66-1.25 wind speed

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Rated power 1250 kW
Cut-in wind speed 3 m/s
Rated wind speed 14 m/s
Cut-off wind speed

22 m/s

Survival wind speed 52.5 m/s

S66 -1.25 MW is designed for generating the optimal power output even at sites with a modest wind speed regime.

S66-1.25 MW is equipped with an dual speed dual rating asynchronous generator; it can operate within a limited speed range. In conjunction with the pitch system it is possible to achieve an optimal energy yield within a wide wind range, with comparably low loads.

Once the starting speed is reached, the turbine speed is so controlled by the pitch system that it comes as close as possible to the synchronous speed of the generator. The generator is connected to the grid by means of a soft starter with thyristors. To accomplish this, no motor start is required. In case of slow and mean wind speeds, small rating generator is connected to grid.

Once the nominal speed has been reached (cut-in completed; bypass contactor closed), the pitch system starts operating in order to maintain the rated power. The generator is coupled through fluid coupling to react to minimise the load during wind gusts. Thus ensures a constant output power.

As anemometers and wind vanes are provided on the nacelle roof, the rotor and the nacelle exert an influence on the measurement of the wind speed and direction. This influence is, however, known and will be balanced by the controller, so that it is possible to work with this data without any problem.

The control is extremely robust in order to operate under the stringent environmental conditions when used in a wind turbine. Under these conditions, all standard solutions would very quickly reach their limits. The controller has therefore especially been developed for use in SUZLON wind turbines.

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