Turnkey Solutions

Suzlon's turnkey services range from complex front-end engineering design, construction, installation and commissioning to long-term operations and maintenance as well as the length, breadth and depth of customer requirements across the wind energy value chain. Our key differentiator is having both strong front-end engineering and the benefit of local experience, interface management, and construction know-how.

We offer clients a range of key benefits, from development to constructions and operations. Manufacturing-driven supply chain strengths and global expertise help offer customers the best in quality services. Suzlon is well placed to assist clients in overall wind power project delivery. The major sections of the delivery process where Suzlon can add value are Micrositing, Grid Connection, HV/Substation creation, Electrical (Reticulation), Laying Roads and Foundations and Project Scheduling. Suzlon also offers end-to-end solutions in select geographies whenever required. In India, Suzlon's end-to-end solutions start at wind mapping and land sourcing and extend right across the entire value chain.