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Corporate Social Responsibility at Suzlon means living our corporate values with the goal of
  • having minimal impact on the natural environment;
  • enabling local communities to develop their potential;
  • empowering employees to be responsible civil society members; and
  • committing ourselves to ethical business practices that are fair to all the stakeholders
so that we can collectively contribute towards creating a better world for all.

CSR at Suzlon is based on the premise that the business and its environment are inextricably inter-dependent and focuses on strengthening the organic link between the two. The belief that a higher degree of sustainability can be achieved in business by balancing growth in all aspects of development (financial, natural, social, human and physical) is central to the Suzlon Foundations CSR framework, which is strategically designed to encompass all five capitals in the Foundations initiatives.

At Suzlon, CSR is not merely charity or philanthropy; it is empowering stakeholders to make informed choices that will integrate business imperatives with development objectives. Quite simply, CSR is making money in the most responsible manner.

To learn more about the philosophy and outreach of CSR at Suzlon, please visit the Suzlon Foundation website. To read Suzlon's CSR policy, please click here.
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