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With immense passion for powering a greener future, Suzlon has inducted some of the most advanced technology to become the world’s 5th largest wind energy company. Watch its journey.

Human capital at Suzlon has been one the key pillars of our success. We have been able to attract, grow and retain some of the best talent in the wind industry. Lot of emphasis and efforts are made to create a working environment that will encourage innovation, enhance work satisfaction and build a merit driven organizational culture.

Suzlon's corporate headquarters is located in Pune, India. Our sales services and corporate shared services are based out of this facility. Our manufacturing facilities, production facilities and windfarms are spread all over India in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. We have invested in expansion of all our facilities, as we are growing at a rapid pace which in turn has opened up some excellent professional opportunities at Suzlon.

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