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Suzlon established its North American operations – Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation - in 2001 with a vision to become the preferred provider of value-added sustainable power plant solutions. With a footprint across 21 states, three provinces and two countries, Suzlon is clearly committed to the North America market.

Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation provides its clients with more than just wind turbines – we offer Engineering, Procurement and Construction of wind farm projects, and ongoing service and maintenance. Suzlon's "workhorse" of a machine, the S88-2.1 MW wind turbine comprises a large majority of the company's fleet in North America, with the original S64-1.25MW turbine fulfilling our earlier projects. The company recently launched the S111-2.1 MW, the latest generation Suzlon wind turbine, and is built off the successful S88 and S97-2.1 MW platform.