Quick Start Suzlon Worldwide
At a Glance

Key Historical Facts

Year of Formation

: 10-Apr-1995

Initial JV collaborator

: Sudwind GmbH Windkrafttanlagen

Chief Promoter of the Company

:Mr. Tulsi  Tanti

Prior Business

: Textiles

Corporate Facts

Key Suzlon Group Companies

:Suzlon Energy Limited, Senvion SE AG, SE Forge

Core Business Area

: Wind Turbine Manufacturing & Turnkey wind power solutions provider

Corporate Headquarters

: One Earth Campus, Pune ( Maharashtra ) - India

Registered Office

: Ahmadabad ( Gujarat ) - India

Corporate Philosophy

: "To pursue social, economic and ecological sustainable development for our planet"

Core Values

: Agility, Creativity, Adding Value, Committed Integrity

Total Employees

: over 10,000

Group Order Book****

:Rs. 7,250 crs. (as on 31st December 2014)

Global Footprint

Geographical Presence

: 30 countries on 6 continents

Key Markets (Installed presence)

: Asia Pacific (India, China, Australia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Korea)

: Americas (USA, Canada, Brazil, Nicaragua)

: Europe (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Romania, Poland, Turkey, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Sweden, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden)

Emerging Markets focus

: MENA Region, South Africa, South Asian countries, Argentina,
Chile, Mexico

Manufacturing and R&D Process

Number of Production Facilities


Location of Global Production Facilities

:India, Germany, Portugal, US

Key R&D Centres

:Germany (Hamburg, Osnabriick, Osterrénfeld, Rostock, Berlin), India (Pune & Vadodara), Denmark (Aarhus), Netherlands (Hengelo), China (Shanghai & Tianjin)

Key Components Manufactured

:Generator, Rotor Blades, Control Systems, Towers, Nacelle Assy, Hub Castings, Transformers

Product and Technology

Product applications

:Offshore & Onshore

Product Classes

:Sub Megawatt Class, Megawatt Class & Multi Megawatt

Current Product offerings - Suzlon

:600kW, 1250kW, 1500kW, 2100kW, 2250kW

Current Product offerings - Senvion SE

:2000/2050 kW, 3300/3370 kW, 5000/5075 kW, 6150 kW

New Product offerings for low wind regimes

MM 100 - 1800kW (Senvion SE) & S95/97 2100kW DFIG series(Suzlon)

Projects and Installation (Global)*

Total Installed Global operational MW

:26,361 MW (26.36 GW) – comprising of offshore and onshore  installations

Total number of turbines installed globally

:15,868  Wind Turbine Generators

Number of project installed countries


Global Cumulative Market Share (2011)***

:6.3% (Ranked 5th)

Countries over 1 GW installations:India (~8517 MW), USA (~3948 MW), Germany (~3845 MW), France (~1768 MW), China (~1163 MW), UK (~1247MW), Australia (~1147 MW)

CSR & Sustainable Development**

CSR - No. of Villages covered


CSR - No. of families directly benefitting


CO2 emissions offset by Suzlon WTGs p.a.

:~13.05 million tonnes

Coal offset by Suzlon WTGs p.a.

:~11.97 million tonnes

Source: *These statistics are as of 31 March 2014,

** India Specific statistics,

*** Maximum CSR outreach till date

****Investor presentation data 9M FY15