Quick Start Suzlon Worldwide
At a Glance

Key Historical Facts

Year of Formation

: 10-Apr-1995

Initial JV collaborator

: Sudwind GmbH Windkrafttanlagen

Chief Promoter of the Company

Mr. Tulsi  Tanti

Prior Business

: Textiles

Corporate Facts

Core Business Area

: Wind Turbine Manufacturing & Turnkey wind power solutions provider

Corporate Headquarters

: One Earth Campus, Pune ( Maharashtra ) - India

Registered Office

: Ahmedabad ( Gujarat ) – India

Corporate Philosophy

: "To pursue social, economic and ecological sustainable development for our planet"

Core Values

: Agility, Creativity, Adding Value, Committed Integrity

Total Employees

: over 7000

Group Order Book****

: Rs. 6,886 crs. (as on 31st March 2015)

Global Footprint

Geographical Presence

: 19 countries and 6 continents

Key Markets (Installed presence)

: Asia Pacific (India, China, Australia, Sri Lanka)

: Americas (USA, Canada, Brazil, Nicaragua)

: Europe (Germany, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Sweden)

Emerging Markets focus

: MENA Region, South Asian countries, Argentina,
Chile, Mexico

Manufacturing and R&D Process

Number of Production Facilities


Location of Global Production Facilities

India, China, USA

Key R&D Centres

Germany (Hamburg, Rostock, Berlin & Bochum), India (Pune, Vadodara & Chennai), Denmark (Aarhus), Netherlands (Hengelo)

Key Components Manufactured

Generators, Rotor Blades, Control Panels, Tubular  Towers, Nacelle, Nacelle Cover, Nacelle Service, Hub Castings, Plug, Mould, EMT, SPM & Blade Testing

Product and Technology

Product applications


Product Classes

Small WTGs, Megawatt, Mainstream

Current Product offerings - Suzlon

600kW, 1250kW, 1500kW, 2100kW, 2250kW

New Product offerings for low wind regimes

: S95/97 2100kW & S111 DFIG series(Suzlon)

Projects and Installation (Global)*

Total Installed Global operational MW

over 14GW of wind power installations globally

Total number of turbines installed globally

14,608 MW (14.60 GW)

Number of project installed countries


Countries over 500 MW installationsIndia (~8622 MW), USA (~2686 MW), China (~928 MW), Australia (~764 MW)& Brazil (~741 MW)

CSR & Sustainable Development**

CSR - No. of Villages covered


CSR - No. of families directly benefiting


CO2 emissions offset by Suzlon WTGs p.a.

Over ~44 million tones

Coal offset by Suzlon WTGs p.a.

~11.97 million tonnes

Source: *These statistics are as of 1 October 2015,

** India Specific statistics,

** Maximum CSR outreach till date

****Investor presentation data 9M FY15