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In a short span of 14 years, Suzlon has become theworld’s fifthlargest wind turbine manufacturer in the world, Suzlon Marketshare (Combined with Senvion SE) rose to 7.6% thereby making Suzlon one of theleading wind turbine manufacturing groups in the world.Ourwind turbine generators (WTGs) are customized to local geographies, windregimes and needs, for installation in a variety of climates ranging from hot,dry deserts, to humid coasts and near-freezing plains. With a range of WTGs,ranging in capacity from 600 kW to 6.15 MWoffshoreturbine, we have successfully set up projects in some of the mostessential wind sites in the world.

Suzlon has set up of prestigious wind farm projects such as:

Exelon in theUSA, Penamacor inPortugal,Weihai inChina and many more in different parts around the world. Some ofour major clients include AGL Energy Ltd., TrustPower Ltd., Tecneira, Servtec,DLF Group, Reliance Group, Aditya Birla Group, Tata Group, British Petroleum,MSPL, John Deere Wind Energy & Distributed Wind Systems.