Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain incorporates the workings of of numerous verticals, subsidiaries and vendor to provide customers with the solutions that they require. It integrates functions ranging from resource analysis to service and maintenance, and is supported by others including quality and safety management, finance and human resource as well as practices implemented under corporate social responsibility.

The need for consistency and quality is met through a rigorous vendor development process. Using a unique item/vendor evaluation criterion, this process ensures that every vendor is given a place in the production cycle as per their expertise. All vendors and subsidiaries are closely screened and analysed on numerous performance metrics related to materials, processes, quality and environment by a dedicated unit. Through regular audits and continued assistance, we partner with our vendors to establish the advantage of long term relationships and streamline our operations.

The biggest advantage of our integrated supply chain is its division into individual, but interrelated, functions. This enables us to identify points of advantage for multiple stakeholders including the organisation itself, our investors, our customers and the society at large. It allows us to come together, as an organisation, to achieve the goal of a sustainable economy and green environment.