Project Services

Suzlon focuses on providing a range of efficient, cost effective wind energy solutions. Using the support and talent of our multi-cultural, multi-ethnic global workforce, we have successfully constructed and managed customised wind farms in varied geographic areas and climatic conditions.

A key service at the beginning of the wind project life cycle is attaining land resources. In India and select geographies on request, Suzlon provides (through our associates) assistance in identifying and acquiring land and obtaining clearances and permissions from regulators. Factors such as wind consistency, environmental impact, zone restrictions, and aesthetics are some of the factors that are taken into consideration to plan a wind farm that will generate energy for years to come.

In India and select geographies on request, Suzlon provides assistance in identifying sites with high wind potential and micrositing – the science of assessing wind patterns to determine their optimally best positions. The location's topographical influence also helps yield optimum wind power. At Suzlon, we incorporate micrositing to our advantage of minimizing risks.

For wind resource assessment, it is highly crucial to assess the wind flow direction, the land type, temperature, and wind speed. Optimum power is generated with a wind speed of 12m/sec. Setting up a 200 meter long turbine with a blade span of 80 meters is ideal for wind power generation. Suzlon's expertise and experience ensures that wind turbine generators are set up in the appropriate wind conditions and the required checks are carried out.

Windy sites are often in remote areas, far from existing power infrastructure. In India and select geographies on request, a key part of Suzlon's expertise lies in creating local infrastructure for the wind farm – ranging from the foundation for wind turbines to erecting buildings, house maintenance and operations facilities. In association with its distribution network, Suzlon also develops the associated power infrastructure, including laying down cables and establishing substations.

With expertise acquired through the implementation of several turnkey projects, Suzlon has built up extensive experience in erecting and commissioning wind turbine projects. These installations are being carried out under extreme climates and difficult terrains.

Structures and components of wind turbines need to sufficiently accomplish their intended purposes during later operation for which Suzlon ensures that quality management measures are adequately implemented during the erection of a wind turbine. Critical inspections are undertaken at every stage to ensure compliance with the different location-oriented requirements of setting up a wind project.