Global HSE Vision Mission & Values

HSE Vision
We are committed to achieve zero harm to employees, environment, contractors, communities & property and demonstrate sustainable leadership for effective and enhanced occupational health, safety and environment practices.

HSE Mission

  • Effectively and efficiently leverage leadership commitment and stakeholder involvement in executing Suzlon HSE business plan.
  • Measurably improve HSE leadership capability.
  • Initiate employee driven HSE initiatives.
  • Integrate HSE performance measures and goals.
  • Ensure 100% compliance with all legal and other requirements.

HSE Values


  • Rapid action and communication on all matters related to occupational health, human safety and environment
  • Leverage the commitment and involvement of all levels of management and employees to ensure HSE deficiencies are addressed promptly & effectively aiming for HSE excellence.


  • Apply creativity and innovative ideas in establishing effective and efficient HSE practices.

Adding Value

  • Actively champion environmentally sound practices and safe behaviors establishing the fact that all HSE incidents are preventable.
  • Impart HSE education essential to help employees make safe decisions


  • Commit our energies in partnering with all stakeholders to continuously improve HSE performance by living the HSE values.
  • Consider HSE leadership mandatory for Suzlon's long term success by promoting HSE culture as “the ‘engine’ that drives the system towards the goal of sustaining the maximum resistance towards its operational hazards”


  • Endeavor to abide by HSE governance policies while performing all activities in the spirit and letter of applicable HSE laws and regulations to promote a clean, safe and healthy work environment.