Suzlon S97 Wind Turbine Generator – 2.1MW

Introducing the S97

S97 Wind Turbine Generator is a part of our latest 2.1 MW range of products, the S97 Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) has been designed to make low wind sites viable. This WTG is available in two variants:-

1. S97 90m :

  • All steel-tubular tower that reaches a height of 90 meters

2. S97 120m:

  • All steel tower which combines the lattice and tubular structure with a unique transition piece and reaches a height of 120 meters

S97 120m - A Game Changer in the industry

  • 1An award-winning innovation by Suzlon
  • 2 Increased height and stability
  • 3Reduced cost, simpler logistics and ease of construction
  • 4Design that enables higher generation,
  • 5 Make low wind sites that were previously unusable, viable
  • 6 Higher return-on-investment to customers

S97 120m - Golden Peacock Eco-Innovation Award Winner

S97 120m 2.1MW wind turbine with an all-steel hybrid tower received the prestigious Golden Peacock Award 2016 in the “Eco-Innovation” category. The award encourages systemic innovation in organization to make cutting edge products and best in class services that are not only environmentally friendly but also offer reliable and affordable power.
>> View the story behind the award.

  • The S97 Advantage
  • Wider product range
  • Higher Return on Investment
  • Better reliability
  • Technical Specifications
  • Power Curve

The S97 Advantage

The S97 suite delivers the advantages of a Smart, Strong and Safe product.


The S97 suite is an evolution of the highly-successful S88 platform and is backed by the proven performance and industry-leading availability of over 10 GW of wind power installations. It is also backed by an experienced, customer-focused team as part of a global company, with local reach. Suzlon’s operations and management teams install, operate and monitor these turbines worldwide from 24x7 monitoring centres.


Smart technology forms the base of S97. It includes enhanced nacelle and rotor designs and the addition of proven DFIG variable-speed technology for better grid compliance. Enhanced pitch and yaw systems add to the overall stability of the product with industry-standard components to ensure efficiency.


Suzlon's culture of safety has been incorporated into the S97 in all aspects of product design, from the People Exclusive Suzlon-designed Cable Guiding Systems, to the Safe Hub design and the Industry's most advanced safety guidebook: Suzlon’s ‘Guide to Getting EHS Right’.

Wider product range

Products for IEC Class III Sites

The S97 suite is designed for a broader range of wind sites globally, allowing Suzlon to meet our customer's increasing demand for wind energy and efficiently harness more winds across the world.

The S97-2.1 MW is best suited for Class IIIA, low wind speed sites. Greater swept area makes an increasing number of low wind sites viable for wind energy production.

Different frequency and temperature versions

The S97 suite has been designed to allow the turbines to be customized for low temperature (LTV) and standard temperature (STV) conditions. The low-temperature versions can withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees centigrade. The turbine has been designed for both 50 Hz and 60 Hz frequency markets.

Variable hub heights

The S97 suite also offers expanded hub height options; S97 has hub height options of 90 meters and 120 meters, allowing higher power generation and greater cost optimization in low to medium wind speeds

Third party certifications

To validate the turbine performance and ensure the highest quality standards, the S97 turbines have a set of certifications from various third party agencies.

Germanischer Lloyd has issued a type certificate for all S97 machines in standard temperature variants globally. Regional and country specific certifications have also been made available to meet customer requirements.

Higher Return on Investment

The S97 product suite is designed to provide a higher return on investment for our customers through higher generation, greater efficiency and improved technology.

Higher Generation

The S97 machines have an increased rotor diameter. The larger swept area results in increased power generation and increased overall return on investment of the machine.

Better turbine efficiency and improved technology also contribute to increased power generation.

Higher Efficiency

Suzlon's DFIG (Doubly Fed Induction Generator) is based on proven technology and improves the return on investment by offering a system that accommodates fluctuating utility demands through optimal reactive power to meet demand patterns. A compact and modular DFIG design allows ease of service ability and meets the latest grid requirements for smoother wind power plant connectivity.

Improved Technology

The S97 machines are state-of-the-art. The Increased rotor diameter and increased swept area provide increased power generation. The turbines are also grid friendly and compliant with grid regulations. Improved sub-systems like the new pitch and yaw systems result in increased system reliability. The variable speed operation also offers enhanced noise compliance.

Better reliability

The focus of the S97 design was to maximize turbine reliability leading to the inclusion of the following features and sub-systems.

  • A new pitch system with a new pitch master and battery box have been designed andincorporated for better pitching control and operation, resulting in higher reliability and better safety systems.
  • A sturdier fourth yaw drive with better yawing control, improved balancing and load sharing makes the turbine more stable.
  • Corrosion protection has been increased for improved dust prevention and an increased life span. This also helps with protection against various climatic conditions.

The turbine safety has also been greatly enhanced with a Class I Lightning Protection System, in accordance with IEC Class I standards, to ensure the highest protection against lightning.

For easy maintenance, the S97 machines have new features such as access doors, extended beam cranes and optional service lifts, and climb assists.

To optimize wind capture in two different classes, Suzlon has strategically pursued two different blade designs for the S97. These blade designs leverage the best knowledge available to provide the most ideal profiles for specific wind class through efficient, parallel design from Suzlon.

Suzlon worked in parallel with the world leading designers and manufacturers of wind turbine rotor blades to design the S97 blade. The S97’s blade profile features are ideal for low wind regimes.

To ensure the highest standards in quality, Suzlon's testing far exceeds the industry baseline by simulating the total life cycle of the blade (1 million cycles) in the most extreme, on site conditions.

Enhanced safety features, design elements to improve the ease of servicing the machines and new blade designs to endure environmental impact, optimize generation and increase machine availability adds to the overall reliability of the S97 suite and its output.

Technical Specifications

*Hybrid tower is only available for 120 meter hub height.

Power Curve