Operations, Maintenance and Services (OMS)

At, Suzlon we offer the advantage of lifetime support to our customers, thereby establishing a partnership that goes beyond the installation and commissioning of WTGs. The OMS division offers Suzlon Reliability (SURE services) which is Suzlon’s assurance of dependability at every stage of investment. The SURE suite of services has been designed to ensure optimum performance, higher yields and maximum RoI. This includes:-

Asset SURE
Asset Management, Operations,Maintenance and Optimization

Wind Resource Measurement and Analysis

Project Management, EPC, Power Evacuation and BoP Management

Our range of services offers support to ensure smooth functioning of all turbines installed and includes the following practices:-

  • Repair of damage caused by extenuating conditions
  • Service of equipment to contradict the regular wear and tear of parts
  • Stocking of spares, including those for WTGs no longer manufactured but only maintained, at pivotal locations
  • Recalls in case of any grievance
  • Regular services, and services during peak seasons

An important aspect of OMS is the best-in-class Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. Designed with TIA 942 with TIER 3 availability, the SCADA system connects each WTG to Suzlon monitoring centres in Pune, India, Chicago, USA and Melbourne. The SCADA service:-

  • Enables realtime monitoring of WTGs
  • Expedites troubleshooting and notification
  • Facilitates data acquisition and analysis for predictive maintenance, all with secured access

The conditional monitoring systems used in Suzlon WTGs aid in the prediction of component failures which helps the OMS team plan corrective actions. With its global supply chain and local distribution, complemented by in-house manufacturing, the OMS vertical of Suzlon helps the organisation stay ahead of critical component demand in case of breakdowns and ensures smooth functioning of the WTGs across all regions and climatic conditions for the duration of its entire life cycle. This enables the increase of up-time and reduction of down-time, leading to the optimization of the energy yield.