Why Suzlon / Our USP

We understand that when you invest in a renewable energy solution, you make a commitment for decades. That is why we look at ourselves not just as providers of renewable energy solutions, but as custodians of our customers’ assets. At Suzlon, we stand by our customers from the moment of an inquiry and well into the lifecycle of the selected asset. With services that extend to every aspect of a customer’s requirements, we ensure that our customers are never left wanting.

When you choose Suzlon, you choose:-

  • One of the leading renewable energy players in India
  • A player who made low wind sites viable with a focus on innovation and technology
  • A player who has been future ready since incorporation
  • A player who transcended height limitations with the innovative hybrid tower
  • A player who is present in 19 countries across 6 continents
  • A player who brings together the best of Indian values and global expertise