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World Class Infrastructure

Suzlon One Earth built on the foundation of sustainability and world class infrastructure. It has work stations designed in a way that each person has unobstructed view of the surroundings with sufficient working space to themselves. Special arrangements have also been made such as meeting rooms, hot desks, and interactive bays for informal huddles. All essential functions such as network printers, storage, library, reprographic room as well as pantry are conveniently located to minimize unproductive movement.

  • Large open spaces covered with an immaculate blend of greenery and water bodies are ideal for official gatherings and functions, interactive sessions etc. This is further complimented with a state of the art technology.

  • Suzlon One Earth is a LEED certified building (Leadership in Energy & Environment Design) rating. There are only 5 such rated buildings in India. Suzlon One Earth will be the first in Maharashtra to receive this certification.