Mr. Tulsi Tanti, Suzlon Group speaking at S97 120M Launch in Kutch, Gujarat

  • By acknowledging our invitation our respected Hon’ble Chief Minister Smt. Anandiben Patel is present here.
  • Respected Hon'ble State Minister Shri Shankarbhai Chaudhri and Hon’ble Minister of Kutch Shri Tarachandbhai Chheda.
  • Respected Hon'ble Collector Shri S.M. Patel.
  • Special visit of Hon'ble Chairman, GEDA Shri Bhavsar and Director Shri Vijaysinh Vaghela, Customer Friends, Vendors and Bankers.
  • All friends, brothers and sister from Press and Media.

All of us are aware of the fact that today weather is changing drastically due to global warming. Recently this area was under threat of Nilofar hurricane. But due to God's grace we have been saved from this natural calamity.

Gujarat state and local administration of this area was committed to deal with this calamity. For this we really appreciate the efforts of the State Government and administration who managed the scene very well.

But, these are in fact blessings of god that saved us from this natural calamity without causing any damage.

Before commencing with the speech, I personally as well as on behalf of whole the Suzlon family would like to thank Smt. Anandiben Patel who encouraged us by her presence.

Recently, when Shri Narendrabhai became Prime Minister of the country, Smt. Anandiben Patel who has proven to be the best was thus honored as Chief Minister of Gujarat. She has continued this developmental tradition and encouraged it to make the state of Gujarat vibrant and progressive.

Our respected Hon'ble Chief Minister Smt. Anandiben Patel is the first lady Chief Minister of the Gujarat State. She has prioritized female participation in all her projects. In addition to that she has accelerated child welfare. She has also adopted developmental attitude over the industry and commerce avenues. It is necessary to have sustainable development of any country or state.

There are three major factors contributing to this "sustainable" development.

  • Energy that anyone can afford
  • Economic development which would be "Carbon free"
  • This would result into long term development and employment opportunities.

The wind energy suffices answers to all the three questions and hence it is imperative that it should be used on large scale.

In my view, among all renewable energy types, "Wind energy" is easily adoptable resource. Wind energy is a cost effective energy source. It provides power at very competitive rates.

We should consider advantages on social and economic front which have been extended due to wind energy and thus we should concentrate on increasing wind energy production. Main advantages of wind energy can be listed as below:

  1. Wind energy provides us green energy in addition to development of infrastructure in remote Rural locations in our country.
  2. With every one mega watt of wind energy we can provide daily employment for twenty people.
  3. Today it is most important for any country to achieve "Energy Security" and wind energy contributes a lot towards this achievement
  4. Today, we are exporting wind energy instrument which is leading to development in manufacturing. This would help to fulfill our Hon'ble Prime Minister's dream "Make In India".
  5. In long run, wind energy could be an alternative source to cheaper energy because cost of fossil fuels will always be increasing which are being used to generate conventional energy.
  6. "Wind energy" is being produced at end user in Power Grid and thus reduces "Transmission losses" and makes the grid healthy.

Considering all above factors, produced more power of wind energy will be a major factor for development of the state. In recent times, amongst all other Energy Sources, Wind Energy has become more practical alternative in commercial terms.

Today, Wind Energy contributes to about 2% of total power production which is to be escalated to 30% by year 2030 as per the mission of our Hon'ble Prime Minister.

Today on wind energy front, India ranks globally at 5th rank by having established capacity of more than 21000 megawatt.

In the last decade, Gujarat led the renewable energy sector under practical and strong support of Gujarat government and this has become possible due to favorable policies, strong planning and support of administration of Gujarat government.

Gujarat state possesses wind energy potential to tune of 35000 megawatt out of which only 3550 megawatt has been installed.

Thus, only 10% of total potential has been harnessed till now. This is the main factor that indicates that there are many opportunities lying ahead for wind energy development in the state. Gujarat state has been leading in all sectors and is having capacity to provide significant contribution towards renewable energy front.

There are many opportunities in wind energy to generate offshore wind energy in addition to the projects erected on land. India can generate 1, 00,000 (1 lac) megawatts offshore wind energy and out of that Gujarat is capable to contribute to 25,000 megawatt.

Suzlon is going to set up first offshore wind farm of India at coast of Navlakhi and the required permissions have been granted from Gujarat Maritime Board.

As an enthusiast industrial entrepreneur I had recognized wind energy which is in synchronization with conventional natural energy and have set up Suzlon in year 1995.

Today Suzlon is global number 5th company among leading energy producers in wind energy sector.

I am feeling proud that Suzlon is not an Indian firm but is a Gujarati Multinational company.

For me wind energy production is more of a part of social change other than profession. Through this, we contribute to safe environment for our next generation.

On occasion of Vibrant Gujarat Summit, Mr. Narendrabhai Modi suggested to develop Kutch district as the main area for wind energy.