2010-Picking up the Pace

In the blink of an eye, we are already six weeks into 2010! It's astonishing, considering that in the midst of the financial crisis, every day in 2009 seemed to last an age!

The opening of 2010 for me has passed in a whirlwind of travel, meetings, summits, and even more travel. In January alone, I visited over a dozen countries across Asia and Europe, from Thailand and China at one end, to the Netherlands and Switzerland at the other. On the business front, we closed the third quarter and reported numbers for Hansen, REpower and Suzlon group. We held business review meetings in China, and met with customers around the world, and I attended the World Economic Forum 2010 Summit in Davos.

February brought a little respite from the travel, but none in the schedule. The business environment continues to be highly dynamic; it has demanded and will continue to demand our utmost focus and attention. But it is an exciting challenge; we are working very hard to adapt to the changed economic environment the world over - and truth be told, there is no better industry to be part of during such times. The financial crisis was a major shock to the global system, and as we go forward, in many ways we are resetting the system at the most fundamental level - energy. And in the midst of all this, there's nowhere else I would rather be.

As I look to the weeks and months ahead, it's already getting surprisingly crowded. I find myself penciling in events and meetings far ahead in the year. The pace is just extraordinary, it makes me almost look forward to traveling again, and snatching a few quiet moments as I fly from one part of the world to other!