My learning's from COP15

The world was watching the negotiations unfold in Copenhagen, hoping for strong action from our political leaders.

The 15th Conference of the Parties (COP15) has long been held as the critical milestone in shaping a truly global agreement to tackle climate change.

The need for a strong global agreement to tackle climate change was on everyone’s minds and lips, but the talks still produced no result. As the dust has settled, we can see more clearly what the hurdles are. The negotiations struggled to resolve a number of complex areas, including the level of ambition for developed and developing countries; the approach to monitoring and verifying emission reductions; and how to finance the transformation.

A dominant theme of the conference was the need for political leadership.  We need our Governments to put in place strong policies and programs to drive investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy.  But we also need the business community to step up, and demonstrate a readiness to make the transformation required.  Suzlon is a world leading example of one of the companies spearheading a change to a low carbon economy.  With the right Government policies in place, the opportunities are unlimited for renewable energy businesses like ours.

I believe Suzlon can have an increasingly important role in providing our political leaders with the confidence to make the strong decisions that our planet needs, To that end, I will be working with each of our regions to support a coordinated policy voice to support our activities on the global stage.

I have seen firsthand now how frustrating and difficult these negotiations are.  I urge our political leaders to maintain the momentum that has been created in Copenhagen to deliver a legally binding commitment to reduce carbon pollution, and to deliver strong policies in their home countries.

Now as we march into the New Year the eyes of the world are on Mexico City – where the fate of our planet will be decided. I will be there.

Here is wishing all of us a great 2010, and to the hope that we will achieve this year the goals we set for us in 2009 – Happy New Year!