Know Me Better

I was born on 2nd February, 1958 in Rajkot in Gujarat, Western India to Ranchhodbhai and Rambhaben belonging to a farming family as well as involved in business. 

I have studied Commerce and Mechanical Engineering

I have four siblings, three younger brothers who are my partners in various functional capacities at Suzlon and allied companies and one younger sister who is married and resides in USA. 

My wife Gita is a homemaker and also the centre of my universe. She has an aesthetic inclination and indulges in her artistic pursuit through oil and water paintings.

I have two children, who are my universe, elder son Pranav who is 28 years old and younger daughter Nidhi who is 27 years old. Both are pursuing their Masters in USA and Canada respectively. As a father I have tried to be their guide and mentor for the major decisions in their life. I am proud to see them grow into responsible individuals with feet firmly on ground. 

I have undemanding food habits and I usually prefer homemade food whenever possible but otherwise I prefer simple vegetarian food with buttermilk

I love travelling which is more than fulfilled due to business requirements, reading technical publications, meeting different people and learning about their cultures.

My favourite part of the year is the annual family holidays which I take religiously with the entire Tanti clan along with my brothers and sister.