Kick-starting 2011

My business takes me across the world and 2011 is no different.

I am currently in Paris for the Economist India Business Summit. This summit aims to look ahead into the future; a really good GDP growth rate brings along with it certain challenges and we should be prepared for them. The rapid growth of India, quite expectedly, has seen unparalleled energy demands. I am honored to be invited to discuss this very same issue on the “Energy and Infrastructure: Challenge” panel.

After a day in Paris, I will be packing yet again to get to the quaint – completely snow-covered – town of Davos, Switzerland. For a week I will be attending the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. Everyone will be here – customers, major utilities, influencers, stake holders, politicians, peers, senior media representatives and others. I am excited to meet such a diverse group of people, who get together, every year, to simply try and make this world a better place to live in.

I will be sharing my views on two panels, the “Environment Agenda in 2011” and “A New Vision for Energy” in addition to interacting with some of the most important and revered people from across the world.

I know that a big part of discussion at both events would be on the after-effects of the economic crash. But I believe that the financial meltdown has actually given us the chance to press the reset button. We now have the opportunity to rebuild an economy which is just and equitable. In addition, collectively we also have the choice to power this change on clean, green and sustainable energy. This is the message I hope to deliver on the world stage.

The year 2011 has started on a great note. In fact the decade ahead looks very promising. These are exciting times; we are in the midst of a change, perhaps the most significant of our age. On the other side, is a future which is green, safe and secure for generations to come.