Suzlon Worldwide

Suzlon began its operations in 1995 in Gujarat, India, and grew to become a market leader in the renewable energy sector with wind being the mainstay of our operations. In 2003, we moved beyond national boundaries with the commissioning of our first wind turbine generator in USA. Today, after two decades in the renewable energy industry, we have a presence across 18 countries in 6 continents.

We have installed around 17 GW of wind, globally and have established manufacturing units and research facilities around the world. We have 15 manufacturing units set-up in India and China supported by 8 R&D facilities in Germany, India, Denmark and the Netherlands. This gives us the perfect blend of global experience and expertise to further our focus on technology advancement.

Suzlon also manages the wind energy assets of customers through a talented and dedicated team of service technicians. With SCADA centres in India and USA, we monitor wind turbines located across the world 24/7, in varied climates and regions. We are extending our service capabilities to cover our upcoming solar installations too. Through technology, an extensive product portfolio, best-in-class services and end-to-end solutions, we are bringing professional and domain know-how drive a renewable future for the world as we take the lead against climate change.