One Earth

Suzlon One Earth is our corporate headquarters located in Pune, India. The campus stands as a testimony to the organisational philosophy of pursuing sustainable development. Built in-line with its vision of powering a greener tomorrow, the expansive, environment-friendly campus is spread over 10 acres. Divided into inter-connected, individual buildings named after the elements of nature, the campus houses employees, members of senior management and the Board of Directors in its Sun, Aqua, Sky, Tree and SEA (Suzlon Excellence Academy) lounges. One Earth is self-sufficient, employing effective controls and building management systems for minimum disturbance to the natural ecology of the site.

A LEED Platinum and GRIHA 5 star certified building, One Earth is one of greenest corporate campuses in the world and the place where the team of Suzlon comes together from across the globe to work in harmony with nature and build a greener tomorrow, today.

Green features of One Earth:-

  • 100% powered by on-site and off-site renewable energy including hybrid wind turbines, solar panels and photovoltaic cells
  • Rainwater harvesting facilities with on-site water treatment and recycling facilities
  • On-site organic waste converter
  • ‘Office in garden’ design concept which harvests maximum daylight in work spaces and common areas
  • Reduction of approximately 35% in operating cost due to energy and water cost savings, a benefit that is transferred to customers through increased investment in technology

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